B+A+T+H: No. 7 Hustler: Aliea

1. Welcome to the B+A+T+H Family! How is everything?

- Thank you for bringing me onto the team. I love the brand and everything your doing. Everything is great btw!

2. When did your hustle begin?

- My solo hustle began in 2017. However I had been doing corporate security since 2011.

3. What inspired your hustle?

- I had just quit my job and I needed to never feel like I was unemployed ever again so I decided to start a business. I chose security because I had prior experience, I loved what I did and it was something that fulfilled my tuff side. The products came out of hearing my fellow sisters cries about aggressive men and being in dangerous situations with no protection.

4. What motivates your hustle?

- What motivates my hustle is my son and the women around me. I've noticed over the years more crimes against women and kids have been happening and so instead of just offering security services I offer a wide range of self defense protection for kids and women. Best part it's all discrete and effective

5. What is the best way to contact you if anyone is interested your service?

-  Best way to contact me is through @hottiez.w.shottiez on both Facebook and Instagram. You can also subscribe on my website www.hottiezwithshottiez.com and can interact with me through the site.
6. What do you enjoy most about your hustle?

- What I enjoy most is knowing that I'm in a male dominated industry and I'm making it on my own terms, I am helping my community, and I am protecting my women and children. I love when I tell people my company and they just tell me how awesome it is and how far I will go. I really enjoy the positive feedback from my community

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