1. Welcome you to the B+A+T+H Family! How is everything?

- Thanks for the invite and the acknowledgment. With all things considering during these times, things are going pretty well.

2. When did your hustle begin?

- If we are taking it back to the Genesis since 3rd or 4th grade I've always had a love for understanding business operations and global economics. I grasped the concept of commerce really young and learning that a hobby like coin collecting or drawing could yield favorable returns was intriguing to me as a kid growing up on the East side of Detroit.

3. What inspired your hustle?

- With my current venture The Oxford Cafe Detroit, I was inspired by my peers in the local small business grind. So Oxford Cafe Detroit began as a pop up shop with locally sourced affordable Wardrobe Home & Office and lifestyle essentials and accessories (Oxford shirts and coffee) for the entrepreneurs and professionals hustling non-stop going to networking events, workshops, business meetings, interviews, open houses, week long conferences, shit even a 2nd and 3rd job. Because that's how I was in it.

4. What motivates your hustle?

- For me the motivation comes from the customer interactions and new supporters. Because they're not going to lie to you lol so when I get that positive feedback it confirms that I'm on the right track. When you get the smiles after a purchase or a post on social media from a satisfied customer it is the best feeling and that's just more fuel to hustle.

5. What is the best way to contact you if anyone is interested your service?

- You can find the shop on Instagram and Facebook @OxfordCafeDetroit on drop a line on our website OxfordCafeDetroit . com we are looking to have a storefront soon.

6. What do you enjoy most about your hustle?

- Every day is an opportunity to create something new and right now it's the efforts to collaborate with local stylists, designers, artists and business owners to develop new products, apparel, or specialized services is what I'm enjoying most.

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