1. First, I want to welcome you to the B+A+T+H Family! How is everything?

- I am great! Blessed beyond what I deserve and grateful beyond words!

2. When did your hustle begin?

- Well, my number one hustle (Beauty/Cosmetology) I’ve been doing since I was about 14/15 years old. I use to watch my aunt all the time, she taught me the basics. I have several other hustles that I more recently started in about 2017/2018 with my late/GREAT husband Ryan.

3. What inspired your hustle?

- Family inspired my hustle! I use to love doing all my siblings & cousins hair when we were younger. I also loved just being able to make ppl feel good & thats what all things beauty is about.

4. What motivates your hustle?

- Ryan Dovoan Bivings motivates my hustle til this very day! He taught me so much in the time we had together and I know he’s my own personal Angel politicking with The Most High on my behalf!

5. What is the best way to contact you if anyone is interested your service?

- The best way to contact me would be my social media platforms. @bigmamalina is my personal blog, @manifestwithmesh is my beauty page, & @mastermindfrenchie is my kennel/apparel brand page. You can also Facebook my salon page Ambitions Salon.

6. What do you enjoy most about your hustle?

- What I enjoy most about my hustle is making women (& men) feel good! It’s a joy to beautify ppl on a daily basis, From skin care to hair care I love it! You can literally change someone’s outlook on themselves with a simple hair-do, hair cut, Facial, or makeup! I love to see it!

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