1. Welcome to the B+A+T+H Family! How is everything?

Everything is good and well just on this visionary entrepreneurial journey! It’s a process making sure everything is in place to run the business properly and efficiently but I’m Always ready to roll my sleeves up and make sure I create generational wealth at the end of the day that’s the goal.   
2. When did your hustle begin?
My hustle began when I was a teenager I always had a hustling go getter mentality. But, I would say 2018 that’s when the real legal hustle started where I could work on my vision and create something for myself And other to have take pride and passion it. That’s when I won $10,000 to create my company and work with inner city impoverished youth to give them opportunities to make money. 
3. What inspired your hustle?
Just being in poverty and growing up in poverty and government assistance some people see that as the only way and I find nothing wrong with that but I always felt like I could do more and I could achieve more having my own business. The Youth inspire me too they go hard and listen to me and f*cks with my Vision! I feel like as long as the youth and the next generations continues to appreciate my vision and genuineness I’ll always be inspired to keep pushing for them and other people.
4. What motivates your hustle?
The power to change the economic status for different ethnicities of people. I stay in the second worst city for economic development for African American people and if you look at national statistics at every level African Americans & Hispanics get the least amount of resources and everything. I feel like that’s an opportunity to create change & help generations of people that’s not those ethnicities also it’s not just about going hard for my people but others too. People don’t really care about other people but themselves. That motivates me to go hard. Cause if I don’t then who will.
5. What is the best way to contact you if anyone is interested your service?
Instagram @JumpAheadGR
Twitter @JumpAhead3
6. What do you enjoy most about your hustle?
I think like most entrepreneurs being able to create something of your own and having people like it and support it you work a job & you only get a certain satisfaction from working that job. It’s nothing like working your own time & making Money on your own. It’s a set wage when working a job & I can’t say that’s not satisfying to other people, but when you hustle up way more money than working a job or hustle and make money on your own it’s a whole different feeling. Makes you think my only limit is myself.

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